70,000+ Customers.
180+ Billion Connections.

CM Group has the Martech industry’s largest family of email and multichannel marketing products. We allow our clients to scale across brands as they grow, identifying the right solutions at every step of their journey.

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Our Brands Support All Businesses, From SMB to Enterprise

Confidence-inspiring email platform for SMB businesses to evolve targeted campaigns.

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Award-winning end-to-end Data, Marketing and Loyalty Solutions for enterprise brands and retailers.

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Empowering distributed organizations to manage and scale email marketing across audiences.

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Real time data to personalize email content, streamline processes, and decrease production times.

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Predictive analysis, personalization, 
and cross-channel campaign management for enterprise brands.

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and relevant customer experiences across channels and devices, swiftly and at scale.

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Build lasting client relationships with professional service marketing and content management tools.

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CM Group Works With The World’s Fastest Growing, Most Innovative

We Invest So Our Customers Can Grow.

We Preach and Practice Scale

180 B

Emails sent annually across 70,000+ clients

We’re Always Innovating

32 %

Nearly 1/3 of our employees are engineers

We’re Here to Support You

200 +

Ready and willing customer support personnel

Report: Marketing to Gen Z

This report examines new data around Gen Z’s motivations, behaviors, and preferences—and provides strategic ways for marketers to engage and drive them to action.

Seamless Customer Scaling:
The Morning Brew Story

“Morning Brew started in my college dorm room. Given how quickly we grew, we opted to move to CM Group, which enabled us to evolve at our own pace without having to go through painful RFP processes every few years.”

Austin Rief , COO



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