Marketing to Gen Z: A Fresh Approach to Reach a New Generation of Consumers

New data around Gen Z’s motivations, behaviors, and preferences offers strategic insights for marketers to engage and drive them to action.

Gen Z is rewriting the rules of consumer engagement when it comes to technology, shopping, media, brand loyalty, and more. Brands that aren’t evolving their marketing strategies to engage this younger generation are already falling behind. Research shows how Gen Z is different from their predecessors, but the nature of those differences and the implications for brands have remained largely hypothetical. Until now.

To help marketers put the Gen Z difference into real-world context, CM Group, a leader in digital marketing technology, recently partnered with F’inn, an innovation agency that combines design thinking with user-centric insights, on a cross-generational survey of more than 1,000 consumers. The results were analyzed by our panel of retail and media experts to reveal meaningful insights and action plans for brands.

This groundbreaking report examines new data around Gen Z’s motivations, behaviors, and preferences, and provides strategic ways for marketers to engage and drive them to action. Insights include:

  • The supply chain: It’s about more than logistics now; it’s an essential part of marketing to Gen Z
  • AR, VR, and other emerging technologies: Sure, they’re cool–but only if they’re being employed to deliver true enhancements to the customer experience
  • “Post-technology” omnichannel experience: Gen Z demands it across every touchpoint
  • Ad avoidance: Gen Z might be the most ad-adverse generation living today, but they’re also the most receptive to value-oriented messaging and tactics
  • Customer experience: Young consumers crave in-person experiences more than brands think–but they show up expecting much more than just an opportunity to make a purchase

Want to understand how you’ll need to evolve to meet these expectations?

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